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Valgrind 3.3 - Advanced Debugging and Profiling for GNU/Linux applications
by J. Seward, N. Nethercote, J. Weidendorfer and the Valgrind Development Team
Paperback (6"x9"), 164 pages
ISBN 0954612051
RRP £12.95 ($19.95)

Get a printed copy>>> Long Names for Event Types and inherited Types

Event types for cost lines are specified in the “events:” line with an abbreviated name. For visualization, it makes sense to be able to specify some longer, more descriptive name. For an event type “Ir” which means “Instruction Fetches”, this can be specified the header line

event: Ir : Instruction Fetches
events: Ir Dr

In this example, “Dr” itself has no long name associated. The order of “event:” lines and the “events:” line is of no importance. Additionally, inherited event types can be introduced for which no raw data is available, but which are calculated from given types. Suppose the last example, you could add

event: Sum = Ir + Dr

to specify an additional event type “Sum”, which is calculated by adding costs for “Ir” and “Dr”.

ISBN 0954612051Valgrind 3.3 - Advanced Debugging and Profiling for GNU/Linux applicationsSee the print edition