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Python Language Reference Manual
by Guido van Rossum and Fred L. Drake, Jr.
Paperback (6"x9"), 120 pages
ISBN 0954161785
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2.4.6 Imaginary literals

Imaginary literals are described by the following lexical definitions:

imagnumber (floatnumber | intpart) ("j" | "J")

An imaginary literal yields a complex number with a real part of 0.0. Complex numbers are represented as a pair of floating point numbers and have the same restrictions on their range. To create a complex number with a nonzero real part, add a floating point number to it, e.g., (3+4j). Some examples of imaginary literals:

    3.14j   10.j    10j     .001j   1e100j  3.14e-10j 
ISBN 0954161785Python Language Reference ManualSee the print edition