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The PostgreSQL 9.0 Reference Manual - Volume 1A - SQL Language Reference
by The PostgreSQL Global Development Group
Paperback (6"x9"), 454 pages
ISBN 9781906966041
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10.8.3 Dictionary Testing

The ts_lexize function facilitates dictionary testing.

ts_lexize(dict regdictionary, token text) returns text[]

ts_lexize returns an array of lexemes if the input token is known to the dictionary, or an empty array if the token is known to the dictionary but it is a stop word, or NULL if it is an unknown word.


SELECT ts_lexize('english_stem', 'stars');

SELECT ts_lexize('english_stem', 'a');

Note: The ts_lexize function expects a single token, not text. Here is a case where this can be confusing:

SELECT ts_lexize('thesaurus_astro','supernovae stars') is 

The thesaurus dictionary thesaurus_astro does know the phrase supernovae stars, but ts_lexize fails since it does not parse the input text but treats it as a single token. Use plainto_tsquery or to_tsvector to test thesaurus dictionaries, for example:

SELECT plainto_tsquery('supernovae stars');
ISBN 9781906966041The PostgreSQL 9.0 Reference Manual - Volume 1A - SQL Language ReferenceSee the print edition