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PostgreSQL Reference Manual - Volume 3 - Server Administration Guide
by The PostgreSQL Global Development Group
Paperback (6"x9"), 204 pages
ISBN 0954612043
RRP £13.95 ($24.95)

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10.3.5 Caveats

At this writing, there are several limitations of the continuous archiving technique. These will probably be fixed in future releases:

It should also be noted that the default WAL format is fairly bulky since it includes many disk page snapshots. These page snapshots are designed to support crash recovery, since we may need to fix partially-written disk pages. Depending on your system hardware and software, the risk of partial writes may be small enough to ignore, in which case you can significantly reduce the total volume of archived logs by turning off page snapshots using the full_page_writes parameter. (Read the notes and warnings in section 14 Reliability and the Write-Ahead Log before you do so.) Turning off page snapshots does not prevent use of the logs for PITR operations. An area for future development is to compress archived WAL data by removing unnecessary page copies even when full_page_writes is on. In the meantime, administrators may wish to reduce the number of page snapshots included in WAL by increasing the checkpoint interval parameters as much as feasible.

ISBN 0954612043PostgreSQL Reference Manual - Volume 3 - Server Administration GuideSee the print edition