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Perl Language Reference Manual
by Larry Wall and others
Paperback (6"x9"), 724 pages
ISBN 9781906966027
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[amy]    Match 'a', 'm' or 'y'
[f-j]    Dash specifies "range"
[f-j-]   Dash escaped or at start or end means 'dash'
[^f-j]   Caret indicates "match any character _except_ these"

The following sequences (except \N) work within or without a character class. The first six are locale aware, all are Unicode aware. See "Perl locale handling (internationalization and localization)" (perllocale) in the Perl Unicode and Locales Manual and "Unicode support in Perl" (perlunicode) in the Perl Unicode and Locales Manual for details.

\d A digit
\D A nondigit
\w A word character
\W A non-word character
\s A whitespace character
\S A non-whitespace character
\h An horizontal whitespace
\H A non horizontal whitespace
\N A non newline (when not followed by '{NAME}'; experimental; not valid in a character class; equivalent to [^\n]; it's like '.' without /s modifier)
\v A vertical whitespace
\V A non vertical whitespace
\R A generic newline (?>\v|\x0D\x0A)
\C Match a byte (with Unicode, '.' matches a character)
\pP Match P-named (Unicode) property
\p{...} Match Unicode property with name longer than 1 character
\PP Match non-P
\P{...} Match lack of Unicode property with name longer than 1 char
\X Match Unicode extended grapheme cluster
POSIX character classes and their Unicode and Perl equivalents:
alnum   IsAlnum              Alphanumeric
alpha   IsAlpha              Alphabetic
ascii   IsASCII              Any ASCII char
blank   IsSpace  [ \t]       Horizontal whitespace (GNU extension)
cntrl   IsCntrl              Control characters
digit   IsDigit  \d          Digits
graph   IsGraph              Alphanumeric and punctuation
lower   IsLower              Lowercase chars (locale and Unicode aware)
print   IsPrint              Alphanumeric, punct, and space
punct   IsPunct              Punctuation
space   IsSpace  [\s\ck]     Whitespace
        IsSpacePerl   \s     Perl's whitespace definition
upper   IsUpper              Uppercase chars (locale and Unicode aware)
word    IsWord   \w          Alphanumeric plus _ (Perl extension)
xdigit  IsXDigit [0-9A-Fa-f] Hexadecimal digit
Within a character class:
POSIX       traditional   Unicode
[:digit:]       \d        \p{IsDigit}
[:^digit:]      \D        \P{IsDigit}
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