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Perl Language Reference Manual
by Larry Wall and others
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ISBN 9781906966027
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28.3.1 Unix

Perl works on a bewildering variety of Unix and Unix-like platforms (see e.g. most of the files in the hints/ directory in the source code kit). On most of these systems, the value of $^O (hence $Config{'osname'}, too) is determined either by lowercasing and stripping punctuation from the first field of the string returned by typing uname -a (or a similar command) at the shell prompt or by testing the file system for the presence of uniquely named files such as a kernel or header file. Here, for example, are a few of the more popular Unix flavors:

uname $^O $Config{'archname'}
AIX aix aix
BSD/OS bsdos i386-bsdos
Darwin darwin darwin
dgux dgux AViiON-dgux
DYNIX/ptx dynixptx i386-dynixptx
FreeBSD freebsd freebsd-i386
Haiku haiku BePC-haiku
Linux linux arm-linux
Linux linux i386-linux
Linux linux i586-linux
Linux linux ppc-linux
HP-UX hpux PA-RISC1.1
IRIX irix irix
Mac OS X darwin darwin
NeXT 3 next next-fat
NeXT 4 next OPENSTEP-Mach
openbsd openbsd i386-openbsd
OSF1 dec_osf alpha-dec_osf
reliantunix-n svr4 RM400-svr4
SCO_SV sco_sv i386-sco_sv
SINIX-N svr4 RM400-svr4
sn4609 unicos CRAY_C90-unicos
sn6521 unicosmk t3e-unicosmk
sn9617 unicos CRAY_J90-unicos
SunOS solaris sun4-solaris
SunOS solaris i86pc-solaris
SunOS4 sunos sun4-sunos
Because the value of $Config{archname} may depend on the hardware architecture, it can vary more than the value of $^O.
ISBN 9781906966027Perl Language Reference ManualSee the print edition