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7.39 Bigger Numbers

The standard Math::BigInt and Math::BigFloat modules provide variable-precision arithmetic and overloaded operators, although they're currently pretty slow. At the cost of some space and considerable speed, they avoid the normal pitfalls associated with limited-precision representations.

use Math::BigInt;
$x = Math::BigInt->new('123456789123456789');
print $x * $x;
# prints +15241578780673678515622620750190521

There are several modules that let you calculate with (bound only by memory and cpu-time) unlimited or fixed precision. There are also some non-standard modules that provide faster implementations via external C libraries.

Here is a short, but incomplete summary:

Math::Fraction          big, unlimited fractions like 9973 / 12967
Math::String            treat string sequences like numbers
Math::FixedPrecision    calculate with a fixed precision
Math::Currency          for currency calculations
Bit::Vector             manipulate bit vectors fast (uses C)
Math::BigIntFast        Bit::Vector wrapper for big numbers
Math::Pari              provides access to the Pari C library
Math::BigInteger        uses an external C library
Math::Cephes            uses external Cephes C library (no big numbers)
Math::Cephes::Fraction  fractions via the Cephes library
Math::GMP               another one using an external C library

Choose wisely.

ISBN 9781906966027Perl Language Reference ManualSee the print edition