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24 perllexwarn: Perl Lexical Warnings

The use warnings pragma enables to control precisely what warnings are to be enabled in which parts of a Perl program. It's a more flexible alternative for both the command line flag -w and the equivalent Perl variable, $^W.

This pragma works just like the strict pragma. This means that the scope of the warning pragma is limited to the enclosing block. It also means that the pragma setting will not leak across files (via use, require or do). This allows authors to independently define the degree of warning checks that will be applied to their module.

By default, optional warnings are disabled, so any legacy code that doesn't attempt to control the warnings will work unchanged.

All warnings are enabled in a block by either of these:

use warnings;
use warnings 'all';

Similarly all warnings are disabled in a block by either of these:

no warnings;
no warnings 'all';

For example, consider the code below:

use warnings;
my @a;
    no warnings;
    my $b = @a[0];
my $c = @a[0];

The code in the enclosing block has warnings enabled, but the inner block has them disabled. In this case that means the assignment to the scalar $c will trip the "Scalar value @a[0] better written as $a[0]" warning, but the assignment to the scalar $b will not.

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