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Perl Language Reference Manual
by Larry Wall and others
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2.13 Using Perl modules

Perl modules provide a range of features to help you avoid reinventing the wheel, and can be downloaded from CPAN ( http://www.cpan.org/ ). A number of popular modules are included with the Perl distribution itself.

Categories of modules range from text manipulation to network protocols to database integration to graphics. A categorized list of modules is also available from CPAN.

To learn how to install modules you download from CPAN, read "Installing CPAN Modules" (perlmodinstall) in the Perl Library Reference Manual (Volume 6).

To learn how to use a particular module, use perldoc Module::Name. Typically you will want to use Module::Name, which will then give you access to exported functions or an OO interface to the module.

"Frequently asked questions about Perl" (perlfaq) in the Perl FAQ contains questions and answers related to many common tasks, and often provides suggestions for good CPAN modules to use.

"Perl modules (packages and symbol tables)" (perlmod) in the Perl Library Reference Manual (Volume 2) describes Perl modules in general. "Writing new modules and finding existing ones" (perlmodlib) in the Perl Library Reference Manual (Volume 2) lists the modules which came with your Perl installation.

If you feel the urge to write Perl modules, "Preparing a new module for distribution" (perlnewmod) in the Perl Library Reference Manual (Volume 6) will give you good advice.

ISBN 9781906966027Perl Language Reference ManualSee the print edition