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Perl Language Reference Manual
by Larry Wall and others
Paperback (6"x9"), 724 pages
ISBN 9781906966027
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29.22 V

An actual piece of data, in contrast to all the variables, references, keys, indexes, operators, and whatnot that you need to access the value.
A named storage location that can hold any of various kinds of value, as your program sees fit.
variable interpolation
The interpolation of a scalar or array variable into a string.
Said of a function that happily receives an indeterminate number of actual arguments.
Mathematical jargon for a list of scalar values.
Providing the appearance of something without the reality, as in: virtual memory is not real memory. (See also memory.) The opposite of "virtual" is "transparent", which means providing the reality of something without the appearance, as in: Perl handles the variable-length UTF-8 character encoding transparently.
void context
A form of scalar context in which an expression is not expected to return any value at all and is evaluated for its side effects alone.
A "version" or "vector" string specified with a v followed by a series of decimal integers in dot notation, for instance, v1.20.300.4000. Each number turns into a character with the specified ordinal value. (The v is optional when there are at least three integers.)
ISBN 9781906966027Perl Language Reference ManualSee the print edition