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Perl Language Reference Manual
by Larry Wall and others
Paperback (6"x9"), 724 pages
ISBN 9781906966027
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29.7 G

Group ID--in Unix, the numeric group ID that the operating system uses to identify you and members of your group.
Strictly, the shell's * character, which will match a "glob" of characters when you're trying to generate a list of filenames. Loosely, the act of using globs and similar symbols to do pattern matching. See also fileglob and typeglob.
Something you can see from anywhere, usually used of variables and subroutines that are visible everywhere in your program. In Perl, only certain special variables are truly global--most variables (and all subroutines) exist only in the current package. Global variables can be declared with our ( ). See .
global destruction
The garbage collection of globals (and the running of any associated object destructors) that takes place when a Perl interpreter is being shut down. Global destruction should not be confused with the Apocalypse, except perhaps when it should.
glue language
A language such as Perl that is good at hooking things together that weren't intended to be hooked together.
The size of the pieces you're dealing with, mentally speaking.
A subpattern whose quantifier wants to match as many things as possible.
Originally from the old Unix editor command for "Globally search for a Regular Expression and Print it", now used in the general sense of any kind of search, especially text searches. Perl has a built-in grep ( ) function that searches a list for elements matching any given criterion, whereas the grep(1) program searches for lines matching a regular expression in one or more files.
A set of users of which you are a member. In some operating systems (like Unix), you can give certain file access permissions to other members of your group.
An internal "glob value" typedef, holding a typeglob. The GV type is a subclass of SV.
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