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by Larry Wall and others
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continue BLOCK


continue is actually a flow control statement rather than a function. If there is a continue BLOCK attached to a BLOCK (typically in a while or foreach), it is always executed just before the conditional is about to be evaluated again, just like the third part of a for loop in C. Thus it can be used to increment a loop variable, even when the loop has been continued via the next statement (which is similar to the C continue statement).

last, next, or redo may appear within a continue block; last and redo behave as if they had been executed within the main block. So will next, but since it will execute a continue block, it may be more entertaining.

while (EXPR) {
    ### redo always comes here
} continue {
    ### next always comes here
    # then back the top to re-check EXPR
### last always comes here

Omitting the continue section is equivalent to using an empty one, logically enough, so next goes directly back to check the condition at the top of the loop.

If the "switch" feature is enabled, continue is also a function that exits the current when (or default) block and falls through to the next one. See "Perl pragma to enable new features" (feature) in the Perl Library Reference Manual (Volume 1) and 4.11 for more information.

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