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Use of inherited AUTOLOAD for non-method %s() is deprecated

(D deprecated) As an (ahem) accidental feature, AUTOLOAD subroutines are looked up as methods (using the @ISA hierarchy) even when the subroutines to be autoloaded were called as plain functions (e.g. Foo::bar()), not as methods (e.g. Foo->bar() or $obj->bar()).

This bug will be rectified in future by using method lookup only for methods' AUTOLOADs. However, there is a significant base of existing code that may be using the old behavior. So, as an interim step, Perl currently issues an optional warning when non-methods use inherited AUTOLOADs.

The simple rule is: Inheritance will not work when autoloading non-methods. The simple fix for old code is: In any module that used to depend on inheriting AUTOLOAD for non-methods from a base class named BaseClass, execute *AUTOLOAD = \&BaseClass::AUTOLOAD during startup.

In code that currently says use AutoLoader; @ISA = qw(AutoLoader); you should remove AutoLoader from @ISA and change use AutoLoader; to use AutoLoader 'AUTOLOAD';.

ISBN 9781906966027Perl Language Reference ManualSee the print edition