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Server error

This is the error message generally seen in a browser window when trying to run a CGI program (including SSI) over the web. The actual error text varies widely from server to server. The most frequently-seen variants are "500 Server error", "Method (something) not permitted", "Document contains no data", "Premature end of script headers", and "Did not produce a valid header".

This is a CGI error, not a Perl error.

You need to make sure your script is executable, is accessible by the user CGI is running the script under (which is probably not the user account you tested it under), does not rely on any environment variables (like PATH) from the user it isn't running under, and isn't in a location where the CGI server can't find it, basically, more or less. Please see the following for more information:


You should also look at "Networking" (perlfaq9) in the Perl FAQ.

ISBN 9781906966027Perl Language Reference ManualSee the print edition