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Perl Language Reference Manual
by Larry Wall and others
Paperback (6"x9"), 724 pages
ISBN 9781906966027
RRP £29.95 ($39.95)

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1.1.2 Tutorials

perlreftut          Perl references short introduction
perldsc             Perl data structures intro
perllol             Perl data structures: arrays of arrays
perlrequick         Perl regular expressions quick start
perlretut           Perl regular expressions tutorial
perlboot            Perl OO tutorial for beginners
perltoot            Perl OO tutorial, part 1
perltooc            Perl OO tutorial, part 2
perlbot             Perl OO tricks and examples
perlperf            Perl Performance and Optimization Techniques
perlstyle           Perl style guide
perlcheat           Perl cheat sheet
perltrap            Perl traps for the unwary
perldebtut          Perl debugging tutorial
perlfaq             Perl frequently asked questions
  perlfaq1          General Questions About Perl
  perlfaq2          Obtaining and Learning about Perl
  perlfaq3          Programming Tools
  perlfaq4          Data Manipulation
  perlfaq5          Files and Formats
  perlfaq6          Regexes
  perlfaq7          Perl Language Issues
  perlfaq8          System Interaction
  perlfaq9          Networking
ISBN 9781906966027Perl Language Reference ManualSee the print edition