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The Org Mode 7 Reference Manual
by Carsten Dominik and others
Paperback (6"x9"), 282 pages
ISBN 9781906966089
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16.9 Using Org on a tty

Because Org contains a large number of commands, by default many of Org's core commands are bound to keys that are generally not accessible on a tty, such as the cursor keys (left, right, up, down), TAB and RET, in particular when used together with modifiers like Meta and/or Shift. To access these commands on a tty when special keys are unavailable, the following alternative bindings can be used. The tty bindings below will likely be more cumbersome; you may find for some of the bindings below that a customized workaround suits you better. For example, changing a timestamp is really only fun with S-cursor keys, whereas on a tty you would rather use C-c . to re-insert the timestamp.

Default Alternative 1 Speed key Alternative 2
M-left C-c C-x l l Esc left
M-S-left C-c C-x L L
M-right C-c C-x r r Esc right
M-S-right C-c C-x R R
M-up C-c C-x u Esc up
M-S-up C-c C-x U U
M-down C-c C-x d Esc down
M-S-down C-c C-x D D
S-RET C-c C-x c
M-RET C-c C-x m Esc RET
M-S-RET C-c C-x M
S-left C-c left
S-right C-c right
S-up C-c up
S-down C-c down
C-S-left C-c C-x left
C-S-right C-c C-x right
ISBN 9781906966089The Org Mode 7 Reference ManualSee the print edition