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The Org Mode 7 Reference Manual
by Carsten Dominik and others
Paperback (6"x9"), 282 pages
ISBN 9781906966089
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7.1 Property syntax

Properties are key-value pairs. They need to be inserted into a special drawer (see section 2.8 Drawers) with the name PROPERTIES. Each property is specified on a single line, with the key (surrounded by colons) first, and the value after it. Here is an example:

* CD collection
** Classic
*** Goldberg Variations
    :Title:     Goldberg Variations
    :Composer:  J.S. Bach
    :Artist:    Glen Gould
    :Publisher: Deutsche Grammophon
    :NDisks:    1

You may define the allowed values for a particular property ‘:Xyz:’ by setting a property ‘:Xyz_ALL:’. This special property is inherited, so if you set it in a level 1 entry, it will apply to the entire tree. When allowed values are defined, setting the corresponding property becomes easier and is less prone to typing errors. For the example with the CD collection, we can predefine publishers and the number of disks in a box like this:

* CD collection
  :NDisks_ALL:  1 2 3 4
  :Publisher_ALL: "Deutsche Grammophon" Philips EMI

If you want to set properties that can be inherited by any entry in a file, use a line like

#+PROPERTY: NDisks_ALL 1 2 3 4

Property values set with the global variable org-global-properties can be inherited by all entries in all Org files.

The following commands help to work with properties:

After an initial colon in a line, complete property keys. All keys used in the current file will be offered as possible completions.
C-c C-x p
Set a property. This prompts for a property name and a value. If necessary, the property drawer is created as well.
M-x org-insert-property-drawer
Insert a property drawer into the current entry. The drawer will be inserted early in the entry, but after the lines with planning information like deadlines.
C-c C-c
With the cursor in a property drawer, this executes property commands.
C-c C-c s
Set a property in the current entry. Both the property and the value can be inserted using completion.
Switch property at point to the next/previous allowed value.
C-c C-c d
Remove a property from the current entry.
C-c C-c D
Globally remove a property, from all entries in the current file.
C-c C-c c
Compute the property at point, using the operator and scope from the nearest column format definition.
ISBN 9781906966089The Org Mode 7 Reference ManualSee the print edition