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The Org Mode 7 Reference Manual
by Carsten Dominik and others
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12.5.3 Links in HTML export

Internal links (see section 4.2 Internal links) will continue to work in HTML. This includes automatic links created by radio targets (see section 4.2.1 Radio targets). Links to external files will still work if the target file is on the same relative path as the published Org file. Links to other ‘.org’ files will be translated into HTML links under the assumption that an HTML version also exists of the linked file, at the same relative path. ‘id:’ links can then be used to jump to specific entries across files. For information related to linking files while publishing them to a publishing directory see section 13.1.6 Links between published files.

If you want to specify attributes for links, you can do so using a special #+ATTR_HTML line to define attributes that will be added to the <a> or <img> tags. Here is an example that sets title and style attributes for a link:

#+ATTR_HTML: title="The Org-mode homepage" style="color:red;"
ISBN 9781906966089The Org Mode 7 Reference ManualSee the print edition