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12.6.5 Images in LaTeX export

Images that are linked to without a description part in the link, like ‘[[file:img.jpg]]’ or ‘[[./img.jpg]]’ will be inserted into the PDF output file resulting from LaTeX processing. Org will use an \includegraphics macro to insert the image. If you have specified a caption and/or a label as described in section 11.2 Images and Tables, the figure will be wrapped into a figure environment and thus become a floating element. You can use an #+ATTR_LaTeX: line to specify the various options that can be used in the optional argument of the \includegraphics macro. To modify the placement option of the figure environment, add something like ‘placement=[h!]’ to the Attributes.

If you would like to let text flow around the image, add the word ‘wrap’ to the #+ATTR_LaTeX: line, which will make the figure occupy the left half of the page. To fine-tune, the placement field will be the set of additional arguments needed by the wrapfigure environment. Note that if you change the size of the image, you need to use compatible settings for \includegraphics and wrapfigure.

#+CAPTION:  The black-body emission of the disk around HR 4049
#+LABEL:    fig:SED-HR4049
#+ATTR_LaTeX: width=5cm,angle=90

#+ATTR_LaTeX: width=0.38\textwidth wrap \(118)

If you need references to a label created in this way, write ‘\ref{fig:SED-HR4049}’ just like in LaTeX.

ISBN 9781906966089The Org Mode 7 Reference ManualSee the print edition