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12.5.5 Images in HTML export

HTML export can inline images given as links in the Org file, and it can make an image the clickable part of a link. By default,(110) images are inlined if a link does not have a description. So ‘[[file:myimg.jpg]]’ will be inlined, while ‘[[file:myimg.jpg][the image]]’ will just produce a link ‘the image’ that points to the image. If the description part itself is a file: link or a http: URL pointing to an image, this image will be inlined and activated so that clicking on the image will activate the link. For example, to include a thumbnail that will link to a high resolution version of the image, you could use:


If you need to add attributes to an inlined image, use a #+ATTR_HTML. In the example below we specify the alt and title attributes to support text viewers and accessibility, and align it to the right.

#+CAPTION: A black cat stalking a spider
#+ATTR_HTML: alt="cat/spider image" title="Action!" align="right"

and you could use http addresses just as well.

ISBN 9781906966089The Org Mode 7 Reference ManualSee the print edition