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GNU Octave Manual Version 3
by John W. Eaton, David Bateman, Søren Hauberg
Paperback (6"x9"), 568 pages
ISBN 095461206X
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32.11 System Information

Function File: [c, maxsize, endian] = computer ()
Print or return a string of the form cpu-vendor-os that identifies the kind of computer Octave is running on. If invoked with an output argument, the value is returned instead of printed. For example,

computer ()
-| i586-pc-linux-gnu

x = computer ()
=> x = "i586-pc-linux-gnu"

If two output arguments are requested, also return the maximum number of elements for an array.

If three output arguments are requested, also return the byte order of the current system as a character ("B" for big-endian or "L" for little-endian).

Built-in Function: [uts, err, msg] = uname ()
Return system information in the structure. For example,

uname ()
     => {
           sysname = x86_64
           nodename = segfault
           release = 2.6.15-1-amd64-k8-smp
           version = Linux
           machine = #2 SMP Thu Feb 23 04:57:49 UTC 2006

If successful, err is 0 and msg is an empty string. Otherwise, err is nonzero and msg contains a system-dependent error message.

Function File: ispc ()
Return 1 if Octave is running on a Windows system and 0 otherwise.

See also ismac, isunix

Function File: isunix ()
Return 1 if Octave is running on a Unix-like system and 0 otherwise.

See also ismac, ispc

Built-in Function: isieee ()
Return 1 if your computer claims to conform to the IEEE standard for floating point calculations.

Built-in Function: OCTAVE_HOME ()
Return the name of the top-level Octave installation directory.

Built-in Function: OCTAVE_VERSION ()
Return the version number of Octave, as a string.

Function File: version ()
Return Octave's version number as a string. This is also the value of the built-in variable OCTAVE_VERSION.

Function File: ver ()
Display a header containing the current Octave version number, license string and operating system.

See also license, version

Built-in Function: octave_config_info (option)
Return a structure containing configuration and installation information for Octave.

if option is a string, return the configuration information for the specified option.

Loadable Function: getrusage ()
Return a structure containing a number of statistics about the current Octave process. Not all fields are available on all systems. If it is not possible to get CPU time statistics, the CPU time slots are set to zero. Other missing data are replaced by NaN. Here is a list of all the possible fields that can be present in the structure returned by getrusage:

Unshared data size.
Number of block input operations.
Unshared stack size.
Shared memory size.
Number of major page faults.
Maximum data size.
Number of minor page faults.
Number of messages received.
Number of messages sent.
Number of involuntary context switches.
Number of signals received.
Number of swaps.
Number of voluntary context switches.
Number of block output operations.
A structure containing the system CPU time used. The structure has the elements sec (seconds) usec (microseconds).
A structure containing the user CPU time used. The structure has the elements sec (seconds) usec (microseconds).
ISBN 095461206XGNU Octave Manual Version 3See the print edition