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15.1.3 Plot Annotations

You can add titles, axis labels, legends, and arbitrary text to an existing plot. For example,

x = -10:0.1:10;
plot (x, sin (x));
title ("sin(x) for x = -10:0.1:10");
xlabel ("x");
ylabel ("sin (x)");
text (pi, 0.7, "arbitrary text");
legend ("sin (x)");

The functions grid and box may also be used to add grid and border lines to the plot. By default, the grid is off and the border lines are on.

Function File: title (title)
Create a title object and return a handle to it.

Function File: legend (st1, st2, ...)
Function File: legend (st1, st2, ..., "location", pos)
Function File: legend (matstr)
Function File: legend (matstr, "location", pos)
Function File: legend (cell)
Function File: legend (cell, "location", pos)
Function File: legend ('func')

Display a legend for the current axes using the specified strings as labels. Legend entries may be specified as individual character string arguments, a character array, or a cell array of character strings. Legend works on line graphs, bar graphs, etc. A plot must exist before legend is called.

The optional parameter pos specifies the location of the legend as follows:

north center top
south center bottom
east right center
west left center
northeast right top (default)
northwest left top
southeast right bottom
southwest left bottom

outside can be appended to any location string
Some specific functions are directly available using func:
Show legends from the plot
Hide legends from the plot
Draw a box around legends
Withdraw the box around legends
Text is to the left of the keys
Text is to the right of the keys
Function File: h = text (x, y, label)
Function File: h = text (x, y, z, label)
Function File: h = text (x, y, label, p1, v1, ...)
Function File: h = text (x, y, z, label, p1, v1, ...)
Create a text object with text label at position x, y, z on the current axes. Property-value pairs following label may be used to specify the appearance of the text.
Function File: xlabel (string)
Function File: ylabel (string)
Function File: zlabel (string)
Function File: xlabel (h, string)
Specify x, y, and z axis labels for the current figure. If h is specified then label the axis defined by h.

See also plot, semilogx, semilogy, loglog, polar, mesh, contour, bar, stairs, ylabel, title

Function File: box (arg)
Function File: box (h, ...)
Control the display of a border around the plot. The argument may be either "on" or "off". If it is omitted, the current box state is toggled.

See also grid

Function File: grid (arg)
Function File: grid ("minor", arg2)
Force the display of a grid on the plot. The argument may be either "on" or "off". If it is omitted, the current grid state is toggled. If arg is "minor" then the minor grid is toggled. When using a minor grid a second argument arg2 is allowed, which can be either "on" or "off" to explicitly set the state of the minor grid.

See also plot

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