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An Introduction to GCC - for the GNU compilers gcc and g++
by Brian J. Gough, foreword by Richard M. Stallman
Paperback (6"x9"), 144 pages
ISBN 0954161793
RRP £12.95 ($19.95)

"An excellent introduction... fills a much-needed niche in the marketplace" --- Association of C and C++ Users book review (Issue 16-4, August 2004) Get a printed copy>>>


Many people have contributed to this book, and it is important to record their names here:

Thanks to Gerald Pfeifer, for his careful reviewing and numerous suggestions for improving the book.

Thanks to Andreas Jaeger, for information on AMD64 and multi-architecture support, and many helpful comments.

Thanks to David Edelsohn, for information on the POWER/PowerPC series of processors.

Thanks to Jamie Lokier, for research.

Thanks to Martin Leisner, Mario Pernici, Stephen Compall and Nigel Lowry, for helpful corrections.

Thanks to Gerard Jungman, for useful comments.

Thanks to Steven Rubin, for generating the chip layout for the cover with Electric.

And most importantly, thanks to Richard Stallman, founder of the GNU Project, for writing GCC and making it free software.

ISBN 0954161793An Introduction to GCC - for the GNU compilers gcc and g++See the print edition