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Comparing and Merging Files with GNU diff and patch
by David MacKenzie, Paul Eggert, and Richard Stallman
Paperback (6"x9"), 120 pages
ISBN 0954161750
RRP £12.95 ($19.95)

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8.5 Saving the Changed File

Traditional Unix diff3 generates an ed script without the trailing ‘w’ and ‘q’ commands that save the changes. System V diff3 generates these extra commands. GNU diff3 normally behaves like traditional Unix diff3, but with the -i option it behaves like System V diff3 and appends the ‘w’ and ‘q’ commands.

The -i option requires one of the ed script options -AeExX3, and is incompatible with the merged output option -m.

ISBN 0954161750Comparing and Merging Files with GNU diff and patchSee the print edition