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B.5 Rcsinfo

The ‘rcsinfo’ file can be used to specify a form to edit when filling out the commit log. The ‘rcsinfo’ file has a syntax similar to the ‘verifymsg’, ‘commitinfo’ and ‘loginfo’ files. See section B.3.1 The common syntax. Unlike the other files the second part is not a command-line template. Instead, the part after the regular expression should be a full pathname to a file containing the log message template.

If the repository name does not match any of the regular expressions in this file, the ‘DEFAULT’ line is used, if it is specified.

All occurrences of the name ‘ALL’ appearing as a regular expression are used in addition to the first matching regular expression or ‘DEFAULT’.

The log message template will be used as a default log message. If you specify a log message with ‘cvs commit -m message or ‘cvs commit -f file that log message will override the template.

See section B.4.2 Verifying log messages, for an example ‘rcsinfo’ file.

When CVS is accessing a remote repository, the contents of ‘rcsinfo’ at the time a directory is first checked out will specify a template which does not then change. If you edit ‘rcsinfo’ or its templates, you may need to check out a new working directory.

ISBN 0954161718Version Management with CVS - the CVS manualSee the print edition