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Version Management with CVS

The CVS manual for CVS 1.11.22

Per Cederqvist, et al.Per Cederqvist et al.

(1) There is a Kerberos version of ‘rsh’ which is more secure than plain ‘rsh’.

(2) Another example, remsh on HP-UX 9 because rsh is something different.

(3) The OS/2 CVS port has a hack to pass ‘-b’ to rsh to get around this, but since this could potentially cause problems for programs other than the standard rsh, it may change in the future.

(4) For details of how locking is implemented see section E CVS locks in the repository.

(5) Or, more accurately, as part of the update run that automatically happens after a commit.

(6) On some systems, you also need to set the set-group-ID-on-execution bit of the repository directories (see chmod(1)) so that newly-created files and directories get the group-ID of the parent directory rather than that of the current process.

(7) Unlike the ‘cvs diff’ command, where the ‘-N’ diff option must be used to track newly-created and deleted files.

(8) http://www.jcvs.org/

(9) See the comments of the function rcs_internal_lockfile in the CVS source code for further discussion.

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