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Version Management with CVS - the CVS manual
by Per Cederqvist et al.
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A.9.1 commit options

These standard options are supported by commit (see section A.5 Common command options, for a complete description of them):

Local; run only in current working directory.
Commit directories recursively. This is on by default.
-r revision
Commit to revision. revision must be either a branch, or a revision on the main trunk that is higher than any existing revision number (see section 4.3 Assigning revisions). You cannot commit to a specific revision on a branch.

commit also supports these options:

-F file
Read the log message from file, instead of invoking an editor.
Note that this is not the standard behavior of the ‘-f’ option as defined in section A.5 Common command options. Force CVS to commit a new revision even if you haven't made any changes to the file. If the current revision of file is 1.7, then the following two commands are equivalent:
$ cvs commit -f file
$ cvs commit -r 1.8 file
The ‘-f’ option disables recursion (i.e., it implies ‘-l’). To force CVS to commit a new revision for all files in all subdirectories, you must use ‘-f -R’.
-m message
Use message as the log message, instead of invoking an editor.
ISBN 0954161718Version Management with CVS - the CVS manualSee the print edition