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Version Management with CVS - the CVS manual
by Per Cederqvist et al.
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17.6 Temporary directories for the server

While running, the CVS server creates temporary directories. They are named


where pid is the process identification number of the server. They are located in the directory specified by the ‘-T’ global option (see section A.4 Global options), the TMPDIR environment variable (see section C All environment variables which affect CVS), or, failing that, ‘/tmp’.

In most cases the server will remove the temporary directory when it is done, whether it finishes normally or abnormally. However, there are a few cases in which the server does not or cannot remove the temporary directory, for example:

In cases such as this, you will need to manually remove the ‘cvs-servpid directories. As long as there is no server running with process identification number pid, it is safe to do so.

ISBN 0954161718Version Management with CVS - the CVS manualSee the print edition