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GNU Bash Reference Manual
by Chet Ramey and Brian Fox
Paperback (6"x9"), 180 pages
ISBN 0954161777
RRP £19.95 ($29.95)

"An essential resource .... the most detailed coverage available for all aspects of Bash" --- Linux User and Developer Magazine (Issue 37, Mar 2004) Get a printed copy>>>

A Reporting Bugs

Please report all bugs you find in Bash. But first, you should make sure that it really is a bug, and that it appears in the latest version of Bash. The latest version of Bash is always available for FTP from ftp://ftp.gnu.org/pub/bash/.

Once you have determined that a bug actually exists, use the bashbug command to submit a bug report. If you have a fix, you are encouraged to mail that as well! Suggestions and `philosophical' bug reports may be mailed to bug-bash at gnu.org or posted to the Usenet newsgroup gnu.bash.bug.

All bug reports should include:

bashbug inserts the first three items automatically into the template it provides for filing a bug report.

Please send all reports concerning this manual to the publisher at info at network-theory.co.uk. These will be evaluated and forwarded to the GNU Bash maintainer chet at po.CWRU.Edu as appropriate.

ISBN 0954161777GNU Bash Reference ManualSee the print edition