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26.4  Exporting command-line .mak files

Exported .mak files pose a greater hassle, but they are required for Visual C++ 5.0 users to build mod_ssl, abs (ab with SSL support) and/or mod_deflate. The .mak files also support a broader range of C++ tool chain distributions, such as Visual Studio Express.

You must first build all projects in order to create all dynamic auto-generated targets, so that dependencies can be parsed correctly. Build the entire project from within the Visual Studio 6.0 (98) IDE, using the BuildAll target, then use the Project Menu Export for all makefiles (checking on "with dependencies".) Run the following command to correct absolute paths into relative paths so they will build anywhere:

perl srclib\apr\build\fixwin32mak.pl

You must type this command from the top level directory of the httpd source tree. Every .mak and .dep project file within the current directory and below will be corrected, and the timestamps adjusted to reflect the .dsp.

Always review the generated .mak and .dep files for Platform SDK or other local, machine specific file paths. The DevStudio\Common\MSDev98\bin\ (VC6) directory contains a sysincl.dat file, which lists all exceptions. Update this file (including both forward and backslashed paths, such as both sys/time.h and sys\time.h) to ignore such newer dependencies. Including local-install paths in a distributed .mak file will cause the build to fail completely.

If you contribute back a patch that revises project files, we must commit project files in Visual Studio 6.0 format. Changes should be simple, with minimal compilation and linkage flags that can be recognized by all Visual Studio environments.

ISBN 9781906966034The Apache HTTP Server Reference ManualSee the print edition