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The Apache HTTP Server Reference Manual
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22.5  Using suEXEC

Requests for CGI programs will call the suEXEC wrapper only if they are for a virtual host containing a SuexecUserGroup directive or if they are processed by mod_userdir.

Virtual Hosts:
One way to use the suEXEC wrapper is through the SuexecUserGroup directive in VirtualHost definitions. By setting this directive to values different from the main server user ID, all requests for CGI resources will be executed as the User and Group defined for that <VirtualHost>. If this directive is not specified for a <VirtualHost> then the main server userid is assumed.

User directories:
Requests that are processed by mod_userdir will call the suEXEC wrapper to execute CGI programs under the userid of the requested user directory. The only requirement needed for this feature to work is for CGI execution to be enabled for the user and that the script must meet the scrutiny of the security checks above. See also the --with-suexec-userdir compile time option.

ISBN 9781906966034The Apache HTTP Server Reference ManualSee the print edition