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14.1  Implementation

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The DSO support for loading individual Apache modules is based on a module named mod_so which must be statically compiled into the Apache core. It is the only module besides core which cannot be put into a DSO itself. Practically all other distributed Apache modules can then be placed into a DSO by individually enabling the DSO build for them via configure’s --enable-module=shared option as discussed in the install documentation (p. 1652). After a module is compiled into a DSO named mod_foo.so you can use mod_so’s LoadModule command in your httpd.conf file to load this module at server startup or restart.

To simplify this creation of DSO files for Apache modules (especially for third-party modules) a new support program named apxs (APache eXtenSion) is available. It can be used to build DSO based modules outside of the Apache source tree. The idea is simple: When installing Apache the configure’s make install procedure installs the Apache C header files and puts the platform-dependent compiler and linker flags for building DSO files into the apxs program. This way the user can use apxs to compile his Apache module sources without the Apache distribution source tree and without having to fiddle with the platform-dependent compiler and linker flags for DSO support.

ISBN 9781906966034The Apache HTTP Server Reference ManualSee the print edition