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8  Caching Guide

This section supplements the mod_cache, mod_disk_cache, mod_mem_cache, mod_file_cache and htcacheclean (p. 59) reference documentation. It describes how to use Apache’s caching features to accelerate web and proxy serving, while avoiding common problems and misconfigurations.

 8.1  Introduction
 8.2  Caching Overview
  8.2.1  Improving Cache Hits
  8.2.2  Expiry Periods
  8.2.3  A Brief Guide to Conditional Requests
  8.2.4  What Can be Cached?
  8.2.5  What Should Not be Cached?
  8.2.6  Variable/Negotiated Content
 8.3  Security Considerations
  8.3.1  Authorization and Access Control
  8.3.2  Local exploits
  8.3.3  Cache Poisoning
 8.4  File-Handle Caching
  8.4.1  CacheFile
  8.4.2  CacheEnable fd
 8.5  In-Memory Caching
  8.5.1  Operating System Caching
  8.5.2  MMapFile Caching
  8.5.3  mod_mem_cache Caching
 8.6  Disk-based Caching
  8.6.1  Understanding the Cache-Store
  8.6.2  Maintaining the Disk Cache

ISBN 9781906966034The Apache HTTP Server Reference ManualSee the print edition