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The Apache HTTP Server Reference Manual
by Apache Software Foundation
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ISBN 9781906966034
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4  Apache Virtual Host documentation

 4.1  Apache Virtual Host documentation
  4.1.1  Virtual Host Support
  4.1.2  Configuration directives
 4.2  Name-based Virtual Host Support
  4.2.1  Name-based vs. IP-based Virtual Hosts
  4.2.2  Using Name-based Virtual Hosts
  4.2.3  Compatibility with Older Browsers
 4.3  Apache IP-based Virtual Host Support
  4.3.1  System requirements
  4.3.2  How to set up Apache
  4.3.3  Setting up multiple daemons
  4.3.4  Setting up a single daemon with virtual hosts
 4.4  Dynamically configured mass virtual hosting
  4.4.1  Motivation
  4.4.2  Overview
  4.4.3  Simple dynamic virtual hosts
  4.4.4  A virtually hosted homepages system
  4.4.5  Using more than one virtual hosting system on the same server
  4.4.6  More efficient IP-based virtual hosting
  4.4.7  Simple dynamic virtual hosts using mod_rewrite
  4.4.8  A homepages system using mod_rewrite
  4.4.9  Using a separate virtual host configuration file
 4.5  VirtualHost Examples
  4.5.1  Running several name-based web sites on a single IP address.
  4.5.2  Name-based hosts on more than one IP address.
  4.5.3  Serving the same content on different IP addresses (such as an internal and external address).
  4.5.4  Running different sites on different ports.
  4.5.5  IP-based virtual hosting
  4.5.6  Mixed port-based and ip-based virtual hosts
  4.5.7  Mixed name-based and IP-based vhosts
  4.5.8  Using Virtual_host and mod_proxy together
  4.5.9  Using _default_ vhosts
  4.5.10  Migrating a name-based vhost to an IP-based vhost
  4.5.11  Using the ServerPath directive
 4.6  An In-Depth Discussion of Virtual Host Matching
  4.6.1  Config File Parsing
  4.6.2  Virtual Host Matching
  4.6.3  Tips
 4.7  File Descriptor Limits
  4.7.1  Splitting up your log files
 4.8  Issues Regarding DNS and Apache
  4.8.1  A Simple Example
  4.8.2  Denial of Service
  4.8.3  The "main server" Address
  4.8.4  Tips to Avoid These Problems
  4.8.5  Appendix: Future Directions

ISBN 9781906966034The Apache HTTP Server Reference ManualSee the print edition