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15  Content Negotiation

Apache supports content negotiation as described in the HTTP/1.1 specification. It can choose the best representation of a resource based on the browser-supplied preferences for media type, languages, character set and encoding. It also implements a couple of features to give more intelligent handling of requests from browsers that send incomplete negotiation information.

Content negotiation is provided by the mod_negotiation module, which is compiled in by default.

 15.1  About Content Negotiation
 15.2  Negotiation in Apache
  15.2.1  Using a type-map file
  15.2.2  Multiviews
 15.3  The Negotiation Methods
  15.3.1  Dimensions of Negotiation
  15.3.2  Apache Negotiation Algorithm
 15.4  Fiddling with Quality Values
  15.4.1  Media Types and Wildcards
  15.4.2  Language Negotiation Exceptions
 15.5  Extensions to Transparent Content Negotiation
 15.6  Note on hyperlinks and naming conventions
 15.7  Note on Caching

ISBN 9781906966034The Apache HTTP Server Reference ManualSee the print edition