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The Apache HTTP Server Reference Manual
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14  Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) Support

The Apache HTTP Server is a modular program where the administrator can choose the functionality to include in the server by selecting a set of modules. The modules can be statically compiled into the httpd binary when the server is built. Alternatively, modules can be compiled as Dynamic Shared Objects (DSOs) that exist separately from the main httpd binary file. DSO modules may be compiled at the time the server is built, or they may be compiled and added at a later time using the Apache Extension Tool (apxs).

This section describes how to use DSO modules as well as the theory behind their use.

 14.1  Implementation
 14.2  Usage Summary
 14.3  Background
 14.4  Advantages and Disadvantages

ISBN 9781906966034The Apache HTTP Server Reference ManualSee the print edition