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The Apache HTTP Server Reference Manual
by Apache Software Foundation
Paperback (6"x9"), 862 pages
ISBN 9781906966034
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10  Apache Tutorial: Introduction to Server Side Includes

Server-side includes provide a means to add dynamic content to existing HTML documents.

 10.1  Introduction
 10.2  What are SSI?
 10.3  Configuring your server to permit SSI
 10.4  Basic SSI directives
  10.4.1  Today’s date
  10.4.2  Modification date of the file
  10.4.3  Including the results of a CGI program
 10.5  Additional examples
  10.5.1  When was this section modified?
  10.5.2  Including a standard footer
 10.6  What else can I config?
 10.7  Executing commands
 10.8  Advanced SSI techniques
  10.8.1  Caveat
  10.8.2  Setting variables
  10.8.3  Conditional expressions
 10.9  Conclusion

ISBN 9781906966034The Apache HTTP Server Reference ManualSee the print edition