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The CVS manual — Version Management with CVS

by Per Cederqvist et al.

Paperback (6"x9"), 252 pages, 8 figures. Revised November 2006. Out of print - copies may still be available from some bookstores.
Retail Price: $29.95 (£19.95 in UK)
ISBN: 0-9541617-1-8 (ISBN-13: 978-0-9541617-1-2)

About the Book

This manual describes how to use CVS, the concurrent versioning system. CVS is one of the most widely-used source-code management systems for software development.

The manual provides tutorial examples for new users of CVS, as well as the definitive reference documentation for every CVS command and configuration option.

This is a printed version of the official CVS manual with additional editing and corrections. It covers CVS version 1.11.22.

You can examine the contents of the printed book here,

All the money raised from the sale of this book supports the development of free software and documentation.

This book is freely redistributable, under a license that permits copying and modification.


This title is now out of print but you may still be able to obtain copies from some bookstores.

If you require further assistance, please send an email to sales@network-theory.co.uk.

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Further Information

For questions about this book, please use our email address sales@network-theory.co.uk.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Repository
  3. Starting a new project
  4. Revisions
  5. Branching and merging
  6. Recursive behavior
  7. Adding and removing
  8. History browsing
  9. Binary files
  10. Multiple developers
  11. Revision management
  12. Keyword substitution
  13. Tracking sources
  14. Builds
  15. Special Files
  16. CVS commands
  17. Invoking CVS
  18. Administrative files
  19. Environment variables
  20. Compatibility
  21. Troubleshooting
  22. Credits
  23. BUGS
  24. Index