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Articles > Book Review: Numerische Physik by H. Wiedemann

Review by Brian Gough (Network Theory Ltd), 24 April 2004

"Numerische Physik", Harald Wiedemann (ISBN 3-540-40774-X, Published by Springer (2004), 297 pages, in German)

This is a textbook on numerical physics, covering classical mechanics, electrodynamics, optics, statistical physics and quantum mechanics. It discusses many interesting physical problems such as quantum tunnelling, chaotic dynamics, and optical scattering --- well-presented, with references to the literature.

The example programs in the book use the GNU Scientific Library and are free software (the source code is included on a CDROM with the book).

I enjoyed reading this book, the examples are all real physics and go beyond the superficial level found in too many textbooks these days. This book would be ideal for advanced undergraduate students who are interested in computational physics.

More information about this book, including the table of contents and a sample chapter, can be found at Springer.de.