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Compiled by Brian Gough

Here are some more of the books that I have used while working on the "GNU Scientific Library". The first four of these titles were suggested to me by Ralph Kelsey of Ohio University Computer Science Dept as omissions from my previous list of Recommended Books for Numerical Programming.

"Numerical Methods That Work" by Forman S. Acton

ISBN: 0883854503

A classic introductory text, but with real gems of advice. Can't believe I missed this in my previous list.

"Real Computing Made Real: Preventing Errors in Scientific and Engineering Calculations" by Forman S. Acton

ISBN: 0486442217

Another good collection of advice and problems from Forman S. Acton, gives an insight into how an expert goes about solving numerical problems.

"Treatise on the Theory of Bessel Functions 2ND Edition" by G N Watson

ISBN: 0521483913

A good source of information for Bessel functions beyond Abramowitz & Stegun.

"Higher Transcendental Functions satisfying nonhomogenous linear differential equations" by A W Babister

ISBN: 1114401773

Covers functions such as Struve, Lommel, Whittaker and hypergeometric functions. Obscure, but very useful if you need it.

"A Survey of Numerical Mathematics (2 vols)" by D.M. Young and R.T. Gregory

ISBN: 0486656918 ISBN: 0486656926

Good coverage of the basics with extensive workings and explanations. From the early 70's but holds up surprisingly well and still useful today provided you keep an awareness of what has moved on since then. A Dover publication, so amazing value for the price.

"Methods and Programs for Mathematical Functions" by Stephen L. Moshier

Hard to find (ISBN 13578980X or 0135789982, possibly others)

This book describes the CEPHES numerical library of elementary, transcendental and special functions. It contains many tables of double-precision approximation coefficients for these functions.

"Matrix Algorithms (Vols I + II)" by G. W. Stewart

ISBN: 0898714141 ISBN: 0898715032

Good description of all important matrix algorithms and how to implement them, very clearly explained.